This program utilizes a patent-pending system designed to unlock a person's ability to read using the power of music. 

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How it Works:


Have the child watch and listen to a FIRST STEP BOOK of their choice. Each is about sixty seconds long. They should repeat this as many times as they need, until they know the story. They are ready to move on once they begin reciting it. 

First step books

Have the child select the SECOND STEP BOOK that matches the FIRST STEP BOOK they have been enjoying. SECOND STEP BOOKS are no longer narrated, but the child does not need it. They are now the narrator. 

second step books

The child may begin with a new FIRST STEP BOOK, or, they may continue to enjoy the one they already know. If they would like a physical version of the book they can now read, it is available for purchase. 

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Each of the FIRST STEP BOOKS in our program has a corresponding Key Words Worksheet that you may utilize to track the child's progress. 

downloadable worksheets