Learning to read is easy using the power of music

Your child CAN learn to read.


Music makes children's books a lot more fun to read. But that's not all it does. It has been proven through the study of neuroscience that music stimulates the brain. A stimulated brain learns better. Memorizes more. Recalls information. Music unlocks your child's ability to learn to read.  

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The Steps


First Step Books

First step children's books are narrated, which is important--the child discovers the correlation between the word they hear and the one they see--this is how they learn to read. The music engages them and stimulates their mind, enabling them to remember they words they have just seen/heard. 

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Second Step Books

The narration is gone, but the music remains, engaging the child, reminding them of the words they now know, helping them to learn to read. 

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Each of the FIRST STEP children's books in our program has a corresponding Key Words Worksheet that you may utilize to track the child's progress. 

downloadable worksheets


Those pictures? They've been created by the amazingly-talented Jessica Gadra. She's one of our illustrators, and has given us permission to display her artwork.

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