Jellyfish Jones, step one

Jellyfish Jones wants to play on the beach with his friends, but his mother says, "No!" 

Will he listen?

Join him as he catches the next wave onto the sand, with disastrous results. 

Maybe his mother was right. Maybe jellyfish should stay in the sea.  

Written by Judy Dickinson

Illustrated by Gail DiCarlo 

Music by Nathan Moran

Jellyfish Jones, step two

Jellyfish Jones, step three

Jellyfish Jones, step four

Garden House, step one

On Meadowbrook farms live three sheep, fifteen chickens and two little girls with their parents. So begins this delightful tale by Liz Daniels where playhouses come in all shapes and sizes, but don't necessarily last forever. Illustrated by Gail DiCarlo, music by Nathan Moran. 

Garden House, step two

Garden House, step three

Garden House, step four

The gift, step one

King Nathan has it all, he even has the pile to prove it; so begins this charming tale by Liz Daniels where true riches are measured not in what you have, but in what you don't. Written by Liz Daniels, Illustrated by Jessica Gadra, music by Nathan Moran. 

The gift, step two

The gift, step three

The gift, step four

Grouchy Little House, step one

Moving to a new house is hard; especially when the house is GROUCHY--a good imagination can help, though!

Written by Marcella Kearns, illustrated by Jessica Gadra, music by Nathan Moran. 

Grouchy Little House, step two

Grouchy Little House, step three

Grouchy Little House, step four