This patent-pending reading program uses scientifically proven neuroscience to help your child learn to read in four easy steps. Original stories. Original artwork. Original music. Exceptional results.

The steps:

by Jessica Gadra

Step One

Have your child enjoy the story and connect with it. The narration and music will enhance the experience. 

by Jessica Gadra

Step two

In this step the story is slower--one word at a time. This is important--the child begins to see the correlation between the word they hear and the one they see. The music that brought the story to life in the first step will help them memorize it now. 

by Jessica Gadra

Step Three

The story remains slow in this step, and the narration is gone. The music remains, reminding the child of the words that they are now reading on their own. 

by Jessica Gadra

Step Four

In this step the story returns to its original speed. The narration is gone, but your child does not need it. They are now the narrator. 

Our program is free

Yes. You read right. Our program is completely free. How? Simple. Commercials. There will be one at the beginning of each story. We don't want financial reasons to keep people from using our program. 

And please tell your friends. We would love for this to be a generation of readers. 

All artwork on this site (except header) is done by the super-talented Jessica Gadra. I highly recommend following her, or better yet, buy up all the originals you can. She's going to be positively famous. 

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We delight in the classically whimsical. Our goal is to engage children. If you've written such a tale, we'd love to hear from you. 

middle grade

Our sister site, setbooksfreemg, utilizes the same patent-pending technology for children ages 8-12. We are looking for short adventure-type stories for this population. We are also looking for graphic stories/comics

young adult

We are currently constructing a site for this audience. We are looking for edgy, darker stories- 250-1,000. words. Comics and graphic stories also welcome. 


We have this same program available for children ages 8-12: set books free middle grade


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